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Manitoba, Canada - is a province world-renowned for high buck densities and record book whitetails. Manitoba Whitetail success is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Manitoba holds more whitetail P & Y records than any other province. The area you will be hunting has produced hundreds of record book whitetail as attested by the Manitoba Bow hunting Records Club Book as well as the Pope and Young Record Book. Typical record is 197 7/8. Mature deer in Manitoba are large bodied with typical large heavy massed antlers. One out of every thousand whitetail deer taken in Manitoba qualifies for Boone & Crockett. During archery and muzzleloader seasons, there is essentially no hunting pressure and very little during rifle hunt season. Manitoba is equivalent in land mass to the state of Texas and the total number of bow hunters that purchase an archery whitetail deer tag in Manitoba every year is roughly 3,200, muzzleloader hunting licences sales are roughly 6,000 and rifle whitetail deer hunt licences sold are roughly 35,000.

The deer are scouted intensively over the summer and fall months to pinpoint where the larger bucks are living in the pre rut cycle. Numerous tree stands and ground blinds are placed in carefully scouted locations to give the whitetail deer hunters the best possible opportunity for success. Hunting locations throughout the weeks will depend on weather conditions and the stage of the rut the bucks are in. Outfitters hunt remote wilderness areas accessible only by quads or argos as well as some camps hunt personally owned farm or forest land and have secured hunt access to few thousand acres of prime deer habitat and feeding grounds of neighboring private land. Manitoba is a province with a vast amount of public crown land with full access to Outfitters, so there is no problem finding the best available areas to hunt. Pre-scouting and setting up tree-stands is all done prior to your arrival, we have additional portable stands available, or you may bring your own in order to better position yourself if necessary as the whitetail deer hunts progress. Heated stands are available in most camps as required.

Your outfitters/guides will accompany you to your deer hunting stand each morning and evening (if you chose to break during the day), leaving you to hunt on your own during the peak hunting hours. All deer hunts are scheduled when the whitetail deer are in pre-rut or full rut and the big bucks are  responding to rattling. This is an excellent time for opportunities at trophy class bucks. This is also when the greatest concentration of waterfowl is in the areas during October.  We may be able to arrange a waterfowl or upland game bird hunt for you for a nominal fee during the whitetail deer seasons in the event you bag your trophy whitetail early, Accommodations range from comfortable facilities right in the heart of hunting area and may vary to well appointed tent camps in some remote camps as required.

You will be hunting in Manitoba, a province having one of the highest mature trophy buck densities in Canada. Our whitetail deer hunting areas are located in the Interlake region, an area renowned worldwide for it's record book whitetails deer as well as in the southern and western areas of Manitoba, also well renown. The hunting area primarily consists of aspen forest with interspersed meadows. This combined with marshes and willow thickets allows many of the bucks to grow to maturity with very little contact with humans and in turn has resulted in a high buck to doe ratio. Whitetail deer in Manitoba are large bodied with typical large heavy massed antlers. It is not uncommon to harvest bucks weighing over 250 pounds and scoring 160 plus.


All meals and accommodations during your whitetail deer hunting
Transportation during your whitetail deer hunts
Deer license plus all taxes (2.5% GST)
Professional Outfitters and Guide Service
Assistance with placement and repositioning of stands
Skinning, caping, quartering and trophy care.

ACE Wilderness Guiding is owned and operated by Art, Craig and Ellen Henry

Art and Craig:
Have over 60 years combined hunting experience
Have over 40 years combined bow hunting experience
Are registered Manitoba outfitters since 1992
Have exclusive hunting rights to thousands of acres of prime deer habitat.
Art Holds 12 records in Manitoba Bow Hunters Record Club Book

View our Photo Album to see some of our Trophy Whitetail Deer Photos
For information, Dates and Rates on our hunts please phone or Contact Us by email.

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