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Manitoba Caribou Hunting is in great demand with only 125 non-resident hunts available annually. Caribou hunters are poised to intercept the migrating masses of Central Canada Barren Ground caribou as they travel the same renowned path annually. The number of caribou in the Kaminuriak herd are now estimated at 450,000 thousand caribou. Manitoba success rate remains at 100% with the potential for 100% of archery caribou trophies to score Pope and Young and 55% to 60% of rifle caribou trophies becoming new entries into the Boone and Crockett record book. Hunt from comfortable, 8-man mini-lodges are situated about as far north as you can go in Manitoba, Canada, deep in the arctic tundra, also known as Trophy Caribou Country. Hunting takes place around the designated lakes along the migration path. If you ever wanted to put a guarantee on Barren Ground caribou hunts, Manitoba offers you that opportunity. With the abundance of caribou and the limited number of hunters allowed in Manitoba, hunters success is inevitable, there is always a trophy bull with their name on it in close proximity. Taking a trophy caribou on the rolling tundra plains is an exciting and unforgettable challenge. This beautiful virgin northland also has abundant fishing opportunities for your added enjoyment. Caribou hunts are professionally guided and can be combined with moose hunting, Hudson Bay goose hunting or fishing.

Modern accommodations in mini-lodges feature hot and cold running water,
  electricity, gas lighting, heat, comfortable beds, showers and flush or outdoor toilets.
Delicious home-cooked meals
Professional guides intimately familiar with the area and the wildlife.
Pick-up at and return from airport to the lodge.
Game processing and packaging in wax freezer boxes

Most caribou are harvested within 1-mile from the edge of the lake, but
  occasionally we go up to 3-4 miles inland in pursuit of quality caribou bulls. The guides will pack the trophies out.
300 to 400 yard shots. We suggest a flat fast shooting cartridge, 270 caliber and
  up, with the magnums being a better choice, such as the 7mm-300 Winchester.
1 guide for each 3 people.
Ptarmigan and Waterfowl are very plentiful in the area. Licenses will be available
  in camp.
Meat can be taken home or left for Elders of the First Nations communities.
All caribou hunts are 5 to 6 day hunts

2 Caribou per hunter (with purchase of a second tag). Wolf hunts included with Caribou tag

Commercial airline services from all major U.S. and Canadian cities connect at the Winnipeg International Airport.

From Winnipeg, Calm Air provides flights to Thompson and Churchill. Round trip floatplane service  to the lodge is included in each package.

By auto, guests can travel to Winnipeg from all major U.S. and Canadian cities, then north on Highway #6 to Thompson, If traveling to Churchill an overnight train ride is available to Churchill. Churchill also has excellent facilities for private and corporate aircraft.

For information, Dates and Rates on hunts please phone or Contact Us by email.

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