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Manitoba, Canada, Big Game Hunting Guides and Outfitters, Black Bear Hunts, Canada Moose, Caribou, Whitetail Deer, Wolf, Waterfowl, Goose and Duck. Fly in Fishing, Canadian Moose and Central Barrens Ground Caribou Hunts in pristine wilderness areas, some accessible only by wheel or float plane! All-inclusive Manitoba Big Game Outfitters, hunting and fishing guides.

High quality, spring and fall trophy black bears hunts in all areas of Manitoba, Canada, as well as in northern Manitoba near Thompson and Gillam. Hunt areas are extremely remote and have one of the largest concentrations of big black bears in Manitoba, a province known for  trophy and colored bears. We offer black bear hunts in South and Central Manitoba as well as Fly In remote bear hunting. For more information about our hunts, please see our Bear Hunting page.

Trophy Manitoba Big Game Outfitters for Canada Moose hunts, Central Barrens Ground Caribou, Black Bear, Timber Wolf, Arctic Wolf hunts and world-class fly in fishing.  Northern Pike up to 35 lbs, Lake Trout up to 50 lbs, Walleye and Manitoba's largest Arctic Grayling (species may vary by lake) are  included in your hunt costs and are available within a short distance from camp. Camps have an excellent reputation as some of the worlds finest hunting and fishing outfitters. Fly in fishing camps have been operating for about 20 years and hunting camps have been operating since 1995. Everything is first class with top of the line equipment and staff dedicated to your success in making this your best hunt ever. Camps are located 120 to 240 miles north of the last accessible roads and in one of the most remote fly in regions in North America. Sitting at the edge of the boreal forests offering hunts both above and below the tree line, hunts are conducted in a vast 7,200 square mile area and this does not even include the vast caribou grounds. Area consists of 12 river systems and over 100 lakes and year after year, new and previously unexplored area provide quality virgin hunting territory. The animals thrive here and have never seen humans before other than perhaps a lone trapper and now the hunter. For more information about caribou/moose hunting please see our Manitoba Caribou/Moose Hunts page.


Note: This camp also offers 3 Grizzly Bear tags annually. Ask for more details on this hunt, if it is of interest to you. This is an early May hunt and the list price is $24,000. Please contact us for more details.

Hunt musk ox located along Canada's northern most Arctic coast on the edge of the tree line. Here you will find some of the worlds most exotic animals - the prehistoric musk ox and the barren grounds caribou. The remote hunting areas are spread over an expansive area where animals are plentiful. Here hunting pressure is non-existent, providing a great opportunity for hunters to fulfill their dream. Success rates are extremely high on trophy class musk ox .  The tundra has many eskers and ridges allowing you to get on higher ground to glass. The eskers and ridges also provide good ground cover enabling hunters to get within rifle muzzleloader or bow range. The terrain is generally dry and rocky. Typically you will see several scattered bands of musk ox  before making your final hunt. This location is easily accessible by scheduled plane from Inuvik and hunters then travel by snowmobile and all terrain vehicles (weather permitting) into the hunting areas. The spot and stalk method is usually the recommended way to hunt. Our experienced Inuvialuit guides are all hunters themselves and extremely knowledgeable and know the musk ox and the hunt areas well. Their expertise ensures that each client will be positioned in the best hunting location possible. For more information about musk ox/caribou hunting please see our Musk Ox/Caribou Hunts page.

ACE has exclusive rights on remote moose habitat assessable only by floatplane. Your hunt can be a combo hunt for moose, bear and wolf. This allows you to take a bear or wolf if spotted during moose hunting or to sit over bait after your moose has been taken. Moose hunts are done by glass and stalk and calling. Calling is most effective early mornings and evenings during the peak of the rut. Hunts are scheduled to include the normal peak rut of the bull moose. You will enjoy exceptional fishing for trophy Northern Pike and Walleye during your hunt and after your moose has been harvested. For more information about moose, bear, wolf and fishing combo hunts  please see our Moose Hunts page.

Caribou hunters are poised to intercept the migrating masses of Central Canada Barren Ground caribou as they dash for the shelter of the boreal forests. The number of caribou in the Kaminuriak herd are now estimated at somewhere between 350 to 500 thousand caribou. Our success rate remains at 100% with the potential for 100% of archery caribou trophies scoring Pope and Young and 55% to 60% of rifle caribou trophies becoming new entries into the Boone and Crockett record book. Our comfortable, 8-man mini-lodges are situated about as far north as you can go in Manitoba, Canada, deep in the arctic tundra, also known as Trophy Caribou Country.  For more information about caribou hunting please see our Caribou Hunts page.

Manitoba, Canada -  trophy whitetail deer hunting potential is one of Canada's best kept secrets. The Manitoba record for typical deer is 197 7/8. Manitoba holds more whitetail deer Pope and Young records than any other province. The areas you will be hunting deer has produced hundreds of record book whitetail deer as attested by the Manitoba Bow hunting Records Club Book as well as the Pope and Young Record Book. One out of every thousand whitetail deer taken in Manitoba qualify for Boone & Crockett. During archery and muzzleloader seasons there is essentially no hunting pressure and very little during rifle hunt season. Manitoba is equivalent in land mass to the state of Texas and the total number of bow hunters that purchase an archery whitetail deer tag in Manitoba every year is roughly 3,200, muzzleloader hunting licences sales are roughly 6,000 and rifle whitetail deer hunt licences sold are roughly 35,000. For more information about our Manitoba whitetail deer hunting visit our Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts page.

Manitoba's Interlake is known as one of the top staging areas in the world for hundreds of thousands of waterfowl during the fall waterfowl migration. There is a steady increase in the amount of migrating geese and ducks due to the late springs and high water levels in Manitoba. Local habitat is ideal for all waterfowl, the fall migration is spectacular and successful hunting is an everyday occurrence. Manitoba's Interlake is renowned for multiple species of waterfowl including the Canadian Goose, Greater Canada Goose and Lesser Canada Goose, Snow and Blue Geese and over a dozen species of duck, including Mallard, Pintail, Blue-Winged Teal, Green-Winged Teal, Gadwall, Canvasback, Gadwalls, American Widgeon, and Redhead ducks. Hunt over 25,000 leased fields as well as local marshes and potholes. For more information about our Manitoba waterfowl hunting please see our Waterfowl Hunts page.

Manitoba Remote Fly In Fishing Lodges and Outfitters for Walleye, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Brook and Lake Trout! "Beyond the northernmost reaches of civilization in a world untouched by human hand is a place where the real world ends and adventure begins." Catch the Canadian Grand Slam! Trophies of all four species, mammoth pike, lake trout, walleye, and arctic grayling, all with-in minutes from your choice of remote camps. Accommodations ranging from the 5 Star Lodges to the finest outpost cabins, featuring the finest amenities, courteous staff, outstanding service and quality equipment. Exceptional fish nirvana with incredible scenery in the virgin waterways of Manitoba.  For more information about fly in fishing please see our Manitoba Fly In Fishing page.

ACE Wilderness Guiding is owned and operated by Art, Craig and Ellen Henry

Art and Craig:
Have over 60 years combined hunting, guiding and outfitter experience
Have over 40 years combined bow hunting experience
Are registered Manitoba outfitters since 1992
Have exclusive big game hunting outfitters rights to areas for bear, moose, caribou, whitetail deer, waterfowl, goose and duck and fly in fishing.
Art Holds 12 records in Manitoba Bow Hunters Record Club Book

For information, Dates and Rates on our hunts please phone or Contact Us by email.

ACE Gillam Bed and Breakfast runs from our lodge in our north area at Gillam Manitoba, where you can sit back and relax or enjoy some hunting or a day of fishing down by the many lakes and rivers nearby.

ACE works as hunting consultants for 30+ Manitoba Big Game Hunting Outfitters - All members of our Manitoba Lodge  Association - when we are unable to meet your needs personally. All hunts booked through us are at no additional cost to you. Please call us for hunting recommendations.

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